Protection from hackers: Three Berliners are fighting against cyber crime

Protection from hackers: Three Berliners are fighting against cyber crime – Protection from hackers

“We want to be the central point of contact for SMEs in the field of automated web security, and our mission is to raise awareness of cybersecurity,” said Matthias Friese, co-founder of

The Berlin founding was unveiled at the end of last year – through an investment by Rheingau Founders and the former PaketPlus maker Bastian Mell. The security start-up aims to protect small and medium-sized enterprises from hacker attacks. The company was founded by Matthias Friese, Jens Altmann and Dominik Wojcik. “Through our diverse focus, we can look at the challenges of cycled crime as well as the thinking of all stakeholders on this issue from all angles. We believe this makes particularly strong as a product, “says co-founder Friese.

About the concept: provides monitoring, a backup service and a regular code analysis of the site.

“The analysis ensures that incident gates can be detected and closed early in the web page code. During monitoring, the website of our customers is monitored at high frequency, and abnormalities are recognized automatically. For an emergency, we create an asymmetrically encrypted backup that can restore the desired state of a website within a few minutes, “says Friese. The start-up is financed by a monthly fixed price.

In the mini-interview with, Matthias Friese, co-founder of, talks about cybercriminality, machine learning and dangers.

What problem do you want to solve with
In 2015, cybercrime has officially caused about 400 billion dollars of damage worldwide. For 2019, an increase of this sum is forecast by about 400%. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, cost-intensive IT security consulting and analysis is difficult or even impossible to pinch. This will push the company out of focus, hoping it would not hit them. Affected companies also often do not know who they should turn to in the first step: Web security solutions are also usually very time-intensive. That is why we have developed a scalable software-as-a-service to automate the complex process of IT-consulting.

Every week dozens of new start-ups arise, why is a success?
With, we are pursuing a holistic approach that is tailored to the hacker’s approach: customers receive automated protection from a single source – for a fraction of the resources and costs of “manual” security consulting. Transparency and data protection are our top priorities. All site data, associated files and program codes are stored with us according to current security standards and protected with 2-factor authentication. Through the use of machine learning, our algorithms learn the system of our customers better with each analysis and adapt themselves individually to it – regardless of whether small onlineshop or international e-commerce agency.

Who are your competitors?
In Germany, there is currently no fully automated web security solution, which can be administered by companies themselves and suitable for every website operator. Single components are also available in the German market, but our Web Security Suite is the first product to merge code analysis, monitoring and backup, and focus on easy-to-use and comprehensible content.

Where is in a year?
We want to be the central point of contact for SMEs in the field of automated web security. In addition, our mission is to raise awareness of cybersecurity. We want to support small and medium-sized businesses, because they are particularly hard hit by a cyber attack. A study conducted by the US National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of small businesses had to close down their businesses after a cyberattack – comparable in Germany. We work without prejudice to raise awareness of these dangers, especially in the start-up scene, and we want to provide the possibility to secure themselves – so that in case of emergency, the existence is not at stake.

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