Productsup the tech company that revolutionized the way in which product data was being handled

Productsup the tech company that revolutionized the way in which product data was being handled

Productsup help online retailers & agencies easily manage their product data & maximize the revenue of their e-commerce, shopping & marketing channels. As customers, we grow more and more used to online shopping. Putting items in online carts and getting products delivered to our doorstep is awesome. It’s cheaper, faster and more fun. But those sitting on the ‘other side’ of the online shopping counter know it’s a big deal to distribute all your products to all these online stores. And to effectively keep track of them? It was nearly impossible until Productsup  came along.


They created a cloud-based software that helps to manage all these products their customers put out there. While the idea is great, it’s the team that made it work. Currently, Productsup  employs over 75 people representing over 20 nationalities and stationed in 10 offices all over the world.

Productsup team call themselves dynamic and ambitious, striving for improving the service they offer and always keep on their toes. While doing so, their goal is to maintain the friendly and easy-going atmosphere that encourages a free flow of ideas and collaborative company culture. Fun Fridays filled with various social activities is what they do to help employee bonding. Flexible working schedule? It’s there too because ProductsUp understands the importance of life-work balance.

Productsup  provides a cloud-based product data management platform that enables you to collect product data from multiple sources, to optimize and structure the data, and to distribute customized feeds to multiple shopping and marketing channels -quickly and easily.

What are the company’s unique selling points? It’s quick, easy and powerful. An intuitive, user-friendly interface means no technical skills are required. The highly scalable and flexible software enables you to process millions of products in seconds.And advanced features ensure you create customized, relevant, high-quality product data feeds.

Team: 25-30 | Markets: Global | Offices: Berlin + San Francisco |


If you’re interested in working for Productsup have a look at our job openings Meet face-to-face with the team at Berlin Tech Job Fair on Thu, Nov 15 WeWork Skygarden of Sony Center so get your free tickets here

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