Custom social media marketing

Custom social media marketing
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Increase ticket sales for your next event!

Taking an event from idea to sell-out is no easy feat.

And half the battle of organizing an event is marketing it.
When it comes to the marketing channels that drive attendance, hype, and engagement, social media is right near the top.
Best of all, social media event marketing isn’t as time-consuming as you may think.
One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking into one of your own events and seeing it jam-packed with people, Techmeetups can help get you there.

When it comes to social media event marketing, that means knowing what to post and where to post it in order to reach potential attendees. We’d love to help you by sharing your event on social media channels, sites and groups.

Product Description

Brand story about your event on and promoted on external channels
Listing your event on media and local news sites
1/week promoting in LinkedIn Groups