PriceHubble – Changing the real estate market with big data

PriceHubble – Changing the real estate market with big data

BBQ in a backyard, an office overlooking the stunning mountains – does this sound good to you? If so, you might just be interested in working for PriceHubble. Their creative team will join us for the upcoming Zurich Tech Job Fair – tickets for which are already available! Book some right now and come back to us to read the company’s story!

PriceHubble has been founded in 2015 to bring a real change to the real estate market. They created software that enables its users to navigate the industry with tangible and reliable data. By doing so, they aim to improve the way industry is run. “We draw from deep experience in data, machine learning, real estate and in turning startups into sturdy companies”, you can read on their page. “We aggregate and analyse a wide variety of data, run big data analytics and use state-of-the-art machine learning to generate stable and reliable valuations and predictive analytics for the real estate market”.

Currently, the company runs their offices in Zurich and Paris, but that’s not what they consider their finish line. “Our ambition is international and we are privileged to be supported by world-class investors”, they explain. With this as their backup, they shape a great future – for the brand and for all its employees.

And they’re always searching for fresh talent. Their promises to employees are big, and right from the start, they show what’s important for them as a team. “We have a startup environment, low bureaucracy and a truly international team and business. We like a good challenge, little bureaucracy and the eventual BBQ in our backyard”, they say.

If they caught your interest, book your time on the 18th of October. Find PriceHubble at the event and ask them about their vacancies! As a job seeker, you enter for free, so book your ticket right now!

And if you want to learn more about them, visit their website, Twitter and LinkedIn!