Network with Berlin’s Tech Recruiting Community, and Learn the Latest in HR Technology at recruITech Berlin 2019

Network with Berlin’s Tech Recruiting Community, and Learn the Latest in HR Technology at recruITech Berlin 2019

Speakers Final - recruITech Berlin 2019

recruITech Berlin 2019, the ultimate gathering of Berlin’s Tech Recruiting community, will be happening on the 27th of November 2019 at juggleHUB Coworking. If you are an HR practitioner, this is a networking event that you should not miss.


Leslie Kivit from Oculus, Francesca Basso from Tourlane, Arne Hosemann from Expertlead, Laura Villafuente from Laura Villafuerte HR Consulting, and Carolin Desirée Toepfer from, are our five main presenters. They will be talking about the latest HR trends and technology that bring significant impact in recruiting and hiring high quality employees.


Check out more details of the event, agenda, presenters and participants below.


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About recruITech Berlin 2019

Are you interested in learning more about new HR techniques and tools? Do you want to know how to get to the top of your recruiting career?

Come and share an evening that will allow you to meet multiple HR professionals and experts in the recruitment field, enjoy presentations about the latest recruiting processes and innovative Apps/Softwares.

Technology oriented: tech recruiters, startups, HR professionals and students, Freelance Recruiters.

RecruITech Berlin is a great place to network, learn about advancements in your industry, and even learn, or share, a skill or two.




6.00PM Doors open

6.15PM – 8.00PM Presentations

8.00PM – 9.00PM Drinks & Networking

9.00PM Doors close  Tickets are limited.

Don’t miss out on your chance to attend this one-of-a-kind event in Juggle HUB Berlin!

*Dress is business casual.



1. Francesca Basso of Tourlane

Francesca Basso from Tourlane - recruITech Berlin 2019

Tourlane - recruITech Berlin 2019

Francesca Basso is a Senior Recruiter (Tech) at Tourlane. She will be talking about three challenges she had in the past year: the first one would be about using a data-driven approach, the second one about relocation, the third one on how to build a diverse team.

2. Leslie Kivit of Oculus

Leslie Kivit from Oculus - recruITech Berlin 2019

Oculus - recruITech Berlin 2019

Leslie Kivit is the Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Oculus. She will be talking about interviewer calibration as they allow to better quality of hires and about recruiting via a diversity slate approach.


3. Laura Villafuente of  Laura Villafuerte HR Consulting

Laura Villafuente - recruITech Berlin 2019

Laura Villafuerte HR Consulting - recruITech Berlin 2019

Laura Villafuente is an HR Consultant at Laura Villafuerte HR Consulting. She will be talking about Data-driven recruitment, how to collect it and study it, and how to use this data to help talent development.


4. Carolin Desirée Toepfer of

Carolin Desirée Toepfer - recruITech Berlin 2019 - recruITech Berlin 2019

Carolin Desirée Toepfer is the Digital Strategist & CEO at She will show us how to solve the technical and social pain points during recruiting and hiring processes and tell us why a good data approach also needs a lot of social work.



Arne Hosemann of Expertlead

Arne Hosemann from Expertlead - recruITech Berlin 2019

Expertlead - recruITech Berlin 2019

Arne Hosemann is the Managing Director and Co-Founder at expertlead. He’s gonna be speaking about “Peer-2-Peer Evaluation: The new Secret Weapon for Hiring Tech Professionals”.


expertlead is a global community of highly qualified tech freelancers. They leverage the technical skills and experience of its community to assess the qualifications of tech specialists.



Participants - recruITech Berlin 2019

Participants 2 - recruITech Berlin 2019

Participants 3 Final - recruITech Berlin 2019

Make sure to clear your calendar on the 27th of November, and if you haven’t booked a spot yet, you should book now here!


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