Love To Know – Delivering Answer to Your Career

Love To Know – Delivering Answer to Your Career

Here at TechMeetups we love to connect people with a variety of employers – and not always are they strictly tech-related! Today we come to you with a story of Love To Know, an online advice magazine that is searching new employees for their Barcelona team. Get ready for booking your free job seeker ticket for the event when you finish reading – you’ll want to meet them in person!

Love to Know was founded in 2004 as an online magazine for women offering quality advice on different subjects. At the moment, over 40 thousand articles they write span over 200 channels.

The company hires people from all around the world, working across time and zone differences. Their Barcelona team sits currently at the number of 20 people, but they’re looking for more – and you can become one of them.

“We’re looking for motivated, friendly, proactive and flexible people. We like people that are always willing to learn new languages, new ways and improve themselves everyday. Although we like to work in teams,we also expected a high autonomy degree for all our team members”, says the company.

And what about the perks?

“We have fresh fruit, snacks and coffee in our office, located in the main district of Barcelona so our team can commute easier. We have a wonderful terrace to clear your mind.

We also offer a flexible schedule, although the goal is to have some overlapped time with the US team (mostly from 5pm to 7pm) friendly office environment, English and tech courses, discounts on gym fees and other services, such as 6% discount on Apple Products”.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you think you could fit in their team, remember that as a job seeker you enter Barcelona Tech Job Fair for free! Book your ticket now but also don’t forget to visit LoveToKnow website, their Facebook and Twitter!