Join Fyber – Start your new global career

Join Fyber – Start your new global career

Wondering what awaits you this autumn? We can promise you amazing job opportunities that you will find at the upcoming Berlin Tech Job Fair (by the way – free event tickets are already available). One of the companies coming to this vibrant tech hub event is Fyber which will search for new talent to join their dynamic and ambitious team. Read their latest story below and see if you’re interested in applying for their jobs!

Fyber is a global and yet still growing company that delivers the best solution for the app monetization. They are a combination of four leading tech organisations that together, through advanced technologies and hard work, deliver next-generation and holistic solutions that shape and re-create the whole mobile app industry.


“Our vision is to create a world in which people have affordable access to quality content, while enjoying a pleasant, relevant user experience. Our mission is to empower mobile publishers to unlock the true value of their properties by building a holistic, efficient, frictionless monetization environment”, says the company.

During our upcoming Berlin event, Fyber will be looking for new employees. They’ve got some awesome vacancies that they seek to fill with people of passion and determination, people quite like-minded with the current Fyber team. Within the company, they pride themselves on a highly employee-centric structure. No wonder they’re looking for people who will match what Fyber stands for and push the company forward together with the rest of the team.


So what is great about working for Fyber?

Let us tell you about the extensive list of perks the company offers. From top to bottom, each benefit is designed to make the employee’s life easier. Fyber understands that the company success is all in hands of their people – and happy people deliver the best result.

Each Fyber employee can enjoy several quite useful perks, which start with full life & health insurances, 5 long weekends per year, annual company travels and social activities, sponsored health and fitness classes. The company is a dog-friendly place which welcomes not only its employees but also their four-legged friends.

“We believe that two minds are better than one and encourage environment collaboration and friendship. We believe that our success is group effort”, explains Fyber.

“We embrace individuality and honour the diverse cultures and personalities that exist. We believe in a work environment that allows people to feel valued and equal, regardless of who they are.”

Situated in several large cities across the globe, such as Berlin, London, New York and Beijing, Fyber is always looking for fresh talent they could rely on. The company is always dynamically growing, and actively searching for innovation which will push them forward. If you think you like what they represent, don’t hesitate and book your free event ticket for Berlin Tech Job Fair right now and see Fyber in person this autumn!

If you want to learn more about the company, don’t forget to visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!