ID Finance: Data Science. Credit Scoring. Digital Finance

ID Finance: Data Science. Credit Scoring. Digital Finance

Only a few days are left until Barcelona Tech Job Fair and here is your chance to meet one of the amazing companies that will participate. ID Finance is a fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance company that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets.

The co-founders of the company are Alexander Dunaev and Boris Batine. They met each other when they worked in one of London’s investment banks. Both of them are very interested in travelling and have their own passions in this life and what unites them is the passion for the business they do.

The idea behind ID Finance is to build an international data-driven fintech institution to provide convenient financial services worldwide. The company was founded in 2012 when technologies were already changing the financial industry. Classic banks could not meet public demands, so they created a company that would solve the issues of financial accessibility using new technological solutions.

ID Finance built digital finance infrastructure for fintech services in several countries in less than five years. The company can now reach profitability within a year of launching into a new territory. This is what makes IDF stand out in their market.

“We value our technological expertise that helps us grow fast. ID Finance in 2018 was included in the list of the fastest growing companies of Europe according to the Financial Times, Wired, Inc. Magazine etc.”, Boris Batine explains.

They plan to further increase the volume of business, products diversification, to launch new countries. The enterprise want to make a global financial product that will solve the problems of financial inclusion all across the globe. With $250m revenue forecasted for 2018, and 165% CAGR they will definitely climb there very soon!

Do you want to be a part of ID Finance team? The company is looking for an entrepreneurial mindset, technology and financial lovers, with a hands-on mentality and teamwork spirit. Barcelona Tech Job Fair is a real chance to meet the team face to face. Don’t forget to grab your tickets!

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!