Hiring for a Startup Is Like Dating

Hiring for a Startup Is Like Dating

Original post by DAVID COHEN via WSJ

We all know that startups are about people. That’s got to be your real competitive advantage. Great people will figure out the market and crush it. So how do you attract great people to your team early on when the risks are high and the pay is low? How do you compete with big companies offering large salaries and with thousands of other startups offering a chance to be a part of something? The answer is actually quite simple: Be visible, passionate and genuine.

Most startups are invisible. You might think you’re making noise on Twitter or Facebook, but be honest with yourself. Is anyone really paying attention? The kind of visibility I’m talking about is attending and networking at local tech meet-ups, speaking at conferences as a thought leader, and hanging out where your targets are such as college campuses, industry events and meet-ups. Remember that the best people are generally employed already. If you’re spending all of your time promoting your startup on job boards or events targeting new hires, you’re doing it wrong. You’re invisible. Get out there, and be part of the community.


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