Have an idea? Build a MVP

Have an idea? Build a MVP

Renowned entrepreneur and author, Eric Ries says, “When in doubt, Simplify.” He adds that an initial product should be one-eighth of what we envisage it to be. Once that is shipped to customers, we learn what they actually need rather than what we think they need. One of the key needs of members of our tech communities across various almost any city was to try to flesh out an idea they had in their head.

We advise building a quick and easy MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that can be then shared with co-founders, investors and anyone else to convey what you are trying to build.

To help Startups build an MVP with a limited budget we launched the TechMeetups Startup Lab in Bucharest, Romania.

We chose Romania for many reasons – key among them were low-cost highly skilled tech professionals, proximity to key tech hubs and state of the art infrastructure with some of the fastest and cheapest internet on the planet.

From the time we launched the Lab we have built over 10 MVPs ranging from mobile Apps to quick and easy WooCommerce platforms on WordPress.

So if you have an idea, limited budget but want to build something quick … lets talk…