GemPool: Great People for Smart Companies

GemPool: Great People for Smart Companies

There are only some days left until Dublin Tech Job Fair and we want you to meet GemPool, a great company that joins us.

GemPool is a growing IT Recruitment company dedicated to connecting candidates with the right job opportunity based on their acquired skillset. With a proven track record of working with a wide range of companies from start-ups to leading multi-nationals, they strive to deliver.

Created in 2006 by Tom Morrisroe, a tech entrepreneur, GemPool has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the leading dedicated tech recruitment agencies in Ireland.

GemPool currently has a strong team of 17 members, led by the Directors Michael Lantry, Robert Hourie and Gavin Bourke. Each expert consultant specialises in a different niche area within the tech industry. This deep understanding of their specialities helps them in providing a high quality tailored recruitment experience.

GemPool’s culture is open, collaborative, fun and hard working. Everyone helps each other and genuinely enjoys seeing others succeeding and doing well. The team knows they have come a long way and have an exciting journey to go on and everyone feels a part of that journey.

The team is young, diverse and hard working. Everyone gets the autonomy to do their job and plenty of scope to grow. They work openly in an open plan office surrounded by tech start-ups which feeds into their own relaxed culture.

Currently, GemPool is looking for experienced technologists for their clients. As a recruitment agency, their aim is to meet and speak to people who want to work for their clients. The best profiles will be passionate about what they do and be strong communicators.

Come and meet GemPool’s people! They may be your dream team and they can’t wait for you to show up. Get your tickets for the Dublin Tech Job Fair now!

You can also learn more about the company if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!