Founders Factory – Help small startups grow big

Founders Factory – Help small startups grow big

On the 20th of September, London will change into a job-seeking paradise. Everybody dreaming of changing their career this autumn will get a chance of getting hired by Founders Factory. Their team joins us for the London Tech Job Fair, so check out their story below and book your tickets now if you find yourself interested!

Founders Factory has a simple, but not an easy mission – to incubate and accelerate startups that have a chance of growing big and changing the world we live in. Every year, they invest in 30 existing startups and create 12 new ones. So far they incubated 13 startups and accelerated 53!

“We validate ideas, build founding teams and find first customers”, explains the Founders Factory. “Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. We’re breaking down barriers and redefining the status quo”, they add.

But to create this kind of safe place for many new companies, they need more people to carry on with their mission. Founders Factory incubates ideas and nurtures creativity, so no wonder that’s the kind of people they’re also looking for. Open-minded individuals willing to learn every day and accept new challenges are the perfect candidates for the company’s employees. In return, it can you pay back with the employee-friendly working environment that stimulates personal and professional growth.

How does that sound to you? If you’re interested, chat them up during London Tech Job Fair on the 20th of September! Remember that job seekers enter the event for free, so book your ticket now and prepare for your autumn career change!

And if you want to learn more about Founders’ Factory, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!