Flightright: The #1 for Air Passenger Rights

Flightright: The #1 for Air Passenger Rights

Berlin Tech Job Fair is almost here and we are sure it will be a great event! Amazing companies join us to find the best tech talent in the city and Flightright is one of them.

Flightright helps all passengers to exercise their rights and enforce them with the airlines. So what do they do differently? The conventional approach of going to see a lawyer is not the most convenient and can often involve a lot obstacles. At Flightright, they are committed to enforcing passenger rights with an online-based legal service. This service is known as “legal tech” and it is a refreshing alternative to the conventional legal practice.

At Flightright they proudly maintain the position as market-leading pioneers in the judicial enforcement of compensation payments for air passengers. Having successfully enforced over 150 million euros in compensation payouts, and with a steadily growing team of more than 100 employees from 18 different countries, they have been on an impressive journey since 2010. The best part? The team is not about to stop any time soon!

Join Flightright and help them with their ongoing mission to create a completely new way of empowering and supporting consumers to assert their rights and get the compensation they deserve. Flightright’s success is built on their legal expertise, advanced automatic technical processes and passion for giving air passengers access to justice.

Are you interested in joining a fast-growing, international company where you’ll be a part of transforming the legal market? Do you enjoy working in an environment where you’re given control and influence over many things? A workplace where internationality, different languages and cultures help create an open-minded atmosphere and where you can rely on having fun while challenging yourself? Then Flightright is the place you need.

Berlin Tech Job Fair is the right place to meet some of this amazing team and get a chance to join them. Get your tickets and get ready for big changes!

You can also learn more about Flightright if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!