Fenchurch Associates: Honesty of Recruitment

Fenchurch Associates: Honesty of Recruitment

Meet Fenchurch Associates! There are going to join us for London Tech Job Fair on the 20th of September. If you’re looking to change your career path this autumn, you should definitely read their story that we come to you with today!

Fenchruch Associates are a company created to improve the quality of recruitment services within the insurance industry. They believe that things still can be made better and they’re striving to make them so.

“Our goal is to improve the reputation of the recruitment industry, through delivering an honest and dedicated service to our clients and candidates”, says the company about their mission.

They seek to better how candidates and companies working in the insurance industry are treated, and they do so through living up to their core values: transparency, integrity, excellence, teamwork, agility and discretion.

But is it all that makes them so different? It turns out not.

“We fully understand your recruitment briefs and career aspirations, placing a huge emphasis on delivering a professional and quality experience every time we engage with our customer”, add Fenchurch Associates. “We are always responsive in our approach and endeavour to make the recruitment process simple, easy and successful for everyone.”

Teamwork is fundamental to what their working space is like. “We support candidates throughout the interview stages and provide guidance on career moves. We help clients make their vacancies appealing. We reward individuals who help us to a successful placement”, says the company as they describe the team’s challenges and tasks.

If working for their team in the ever growing company and dynamic environment is something you’d like to do, book your free job seeker ticket for the event now and meet them in London!

And if you want to learn more about them, visit their website, Twitter or LinkedIn!