Entertainment Spotlight Has A Place For You

Entertainment Spotlight Has A Place For You

Entertainment Industry becomes an obsession of almost every single person at some point in his life. Whether you are a not-so-lively banker of a very cool clerk, at some part of life, you must have thought, “I wish could also kick that ass like Bruce Willis.

The entertainment industry is always unveiling it’s new faces. Then why not yours?

This industry is changing day by day. The talent is always in demand. If you are confused about where to start. You are at the right place!

How hard it is to be a celebrity?

Nowadays, being a celebrity is easy. You can sell your pictures, videos, art, voice, writing and many other things virtually. It is not always the case that you need a manly voice, sexy body, seductive tone, and those sexy dance moves to be a celebrity. The heroic body is a short time pretentious feature for a particular movie which actors built working a few weeks/months before the shoot, and sometimes, they use makeup also. Almost 90% of dangerous stunts in action movies are done by a body double and stuntmen. Sometimes the beauty is also enhanced digitally, an example? Dakota Johnson’s beauty was enhanced digitally in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yes! The one who says, “Love me as you do!”

What is in it for you?

Annually, Hollywood produces almost 600 movies in a year with an estimated earnings of $ 10-11 per year.

If you are an American who can speak, walk, work, take bath, and breathe, you can be a perfect fit for the role of a human in a Hollywood movie. All you need is to adapt good hygiene practices (Yes! It’s important), dress up well, have some manners, know how to drive a conversation and you are all set to land on a role.

How to get started?

  1. Make a few connections who do know actors or maybe are currently working as an actor in some show or movie. And ask them to hook you with someone who can give you a role.
  2. Attend Hollywood events, make connections, get noticed, try to impress some folks and don’t be shy to ask someone’s contact information and later directly ask for a role.
  3. Do some research on casting directors and producers? Find their names and search them on different forums and social sites. Try to get noticed and don’t be shy to ask straight for a role.
  4. Give interviews, interviews, and interviews. Every time you walk in for an interview, there will be a 100% chance to get a role because not giving will leave you with 0%, so keep trying.

Always keep one thing in the notice that your first goal is to become an actor, not the next Tom Cruise, so no matter where you get to start from, gogo for it. Start your career, and the rest will follow you.

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