Employee Networks at American Express

Employee Networks at American Express

American Express Stuttgart Tech Job Fair 2019

American Express has been one of the most renowned companies in the world for quite some time. That is why it is our honor to have them again at our Tech Job Fair in Stuttgart on the 23rd of May, 2019. This will be a great opportunity for anybody in search of a job to try and get hired! Please don’t miss this chance for a brighter future!

Since 1987, Employee Networks at American Express have brought together people with shared backgrounds and interests to engage with and learn from each other. Organically grown and employee driven, Employee Networks broaden participants’ community of colleagues, as well as their knowledge of the business by driving employee engagement and promoting a culture of inclusion. With 16 networks and nearly 100 chapters globally, our Employee Networks encompass the full spectrum of diversity at American Express including disability, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, generations, sexual orientation and veteran’s status.

Asian Employee Network (ANA) develops Asian talent through professional development activities, networking events and business innovation seminars. It also works to build cultural awareness among all company employees, and helps American Express become an employer of choice for professionals of Asian backgrounds.

Black and Asian Employee Network (BAAN) is the lead resource for promoting diversity, cultural awareness and inclusion of Black, Asian and ethnic minority employees at American Express in the UK.

Black Employee Network (BEN) is one of the largest Employee Networks at American Express. BEN aims to create a dynamic and culturally enriched work environment, and helps to attract and retain diverse talent. BEN also provides programming that supports member engagement, career advancement, and innovative thinking.BEN also has an Executive chapter to serve our most senior black executives.

Virtual Working Employee Network (BlueEN) serves the needs of employees who have flexible work arrangements, including employees who are transitioning to part- time or job share situations, and those who work virtually or outside the office.

Jewish Employee Network (CHAI), from the Hebrew word meaning “life,” hosts educational and community- oriented events to foster awareness of Jewish culture. It serves as a resource and support network for members and strives to enhance overall diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

American Express Stuttgart Tech Job Fair 2019

Disability Awareness Employee Network (DAN) provides support, education, and personal and professional growth opportunities to people with disabilities or disability interests, promotes open acceptance and inclusion, and creates a more accessible workplace.

Generations Employee Network (GEN) promotes the value that generational differences and diversity bring to the workplace, and provides subject matter expertise around major life events and transitions.

Millennial Employee Network aims to connect and inspire a rising generation at American Express. Millennials are a key segment of American Express employees, card members and future leaders. With events and opportunities for professional development, business partnerships and community involvement, the Network is structured to benefit millennials, non-millennials and key business objectives alike.

Hispanic Origin and Latin-American Employee Network (HOLA) fosters an environment where its members have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential and advise the business on initiatives relevant to the Hispanic community. HOLA also has an Executive chapter to serve our most senior executives of Hispanic and Latin- American origin.

Families at Amex Employee Network provides programs and resources for parents and other caregivers across a wide range of topics, including pregnancy, early childhood, teens, children with special needs, fatherhood and eldercare.

Muslim Employee Network (PEACE) fosters an environment of awareness, understanding and education through lunch and learns, informational booths and participation in community activities to counter the stereotypes and misinformation surrounding Islam and Muslims.

PRIDE Employee Network fosters a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, and is committed to advancing changes that allow all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to be respected and valued.

Christian Employee Network (SALT) serves as a resource group for the Christian employee community. Its members strive to make a positive difference in the workplace by demonstrating a commitment to the values and leadership principles set forth by the company. SALT is open to all denominations.

Veterans Employee Network (VET) supports and honors veterans and active duty military personnel by celebrating the diverse values and skills they bring to the workplace.

Women’s Interest Employee Network (WIN) enhances the unique diversity women bring to the workplace, elevating career satisfaction and growth among its members through professional and personal development programs, leadership engagement opportunities, and relationship-building activities. WIN also has Executive chapters to serve our most senior women.

Women in Technologies Employee Network (WIT) drives enhanced value for American Express and its employees by creating a gender intelligent culture that attracts, retains, and develops female Technology talent to achieve their career aspirations and goals.

If you want to become a part of the American Express team, you can come to our Tech Job Fair in Stuttgart on the 23rd of May, 2019. Please remember to bring your CVs and get the job you’ve been searching for!

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