Elance Job Report Shows Upswing In “Creative Economy”

Elance Job Report Shows Upswing In “Creative Economy”

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We have great news for “right brain” thinkers everywhere. While job demand rose to record levels in many areas – including most technical fields – our Q2 Global Online Employment Report also points to a dramatic rise in demand for creative skills. For the first time ever the “Creative Economy” is outpacing demand for technical talent. These findings show that companies are now looking for new way to attract and engage customers.

The chart below shows the percentage of jobs posted by category, indicating Creative took the lead in Q2:

Here are some report highlights:

    • While creative skills grabbed the headlines, overall Q2 results showed new records in many online job skills. Hiring was up 35% over the same quarter last year, and contractors earned $47 million in Q2.
    • The “Creative Economy” is particularly vibrant, as more than 80,000 jobs posted in Q2 were in the Creative category. That’s up over 62% from a year ago.
    • The European economy is improving. Earnings from contractors in Egypt, Greece and Spain experienced sizeable growth in online work, increasing 147%, 122%, and 142% respectively, over the past year.
    • In the U.S., Rural America is moving online as smaller towns see big growth in online jobs. Cities like Littleton, New Hampshire (+702%), Southfield, Michigan (+316%) and Littleton, Colorado (+288%) are shining examples. Overall in the U.S. 41 out of 50 states saw their earnings grow.

Read the Q2 Global Online Employment Report press release to learn about growth in Latin America, continued strength in technical hiring, shifts in traditional jobs online and other trends in online hiring.

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