Dynatrace – Push your career, lead the industry, have fun!

Dynatrace – Push your career, lead the industry, have fun!

Dynatrace understands how important it is to monitor digital performance in a company – across all apps and websites. They deliver an outstanding solution that serves this purpose to over 8 thousand clients worldwide. But they also understand that pushing the industry limits isn’t all that matters – here’s how they view you as an employee.


“We need big thinkers who don’t settle for the status quo and want to push their careers to the next level”, says Dynatrace. Such approach guarantees a speedy career to all who join their team, as long as they’re willing to work hard and learn fast. Innovative thinking, creativity, going as far as you can – these are traits you should have if you’re up for working in a global company with an industry-changing mission.

But that sounds super serious, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry – Dynatrace people are awesome to work with. One of the company’s most important rule is to respect the life-work balance. Between the heavy-thinking and heavy-working periods, you’re more than welcome to share a cup of coffee with your executives, bond with your colleagues over a ping-pong table or race them to the local gym.

Collaboration and open-door policy is what makes Dynatrace so successful. If what you believe in is similar, head straight for our Barcelona Tech Job Fair and meet with them. As a job seeker, you enter for free, so don’t forget to book your event tickets https://techmeetups.com/events/

If you’re interested in learning more about Dynatrace, visit company websiteFacebookTwitter LinkedIn!