Dogbuddy: Bring Your Dog to Work Day – Everyday!

Dogbuddy: Bring Your Dog to Work Day – Everyday!

There aren’t many companies like DogBuddy. Of course, the idea of life-work balance has drastically changed in the recent years. Many startups launch with the idea of creating an awesome place to work in. But DogBuddy just goes way ahead and here’s why.

The need is the mother of invention and like many successful startups, DogBuddy came to be when its founders came across a real problem in their own lives. They truly found their blue ocean and filled with services for dog owners. Now, five years later, they have offices in several countries across Europe and help to connect dog owners with professional and reliable dog sitters.

Their mission is their everything. Understanding that dog is more just a pet – it’s a family member – they work hard to provide outstanding services. But that’s not where their awesomeness ends. They’re cool to work with, too, and they live up to what they believe in.

If you want to bring your puppy to work – sure, go ahead! Introduce them to your team during one of the Monday Breakfasts or bi-monthly social meetings which DogBuddy organises. Enjoy your annual days off and, in case your four-legged friend gets sick, you’ll be given even more days off to look after them! If that’s not an outstanding workplace, what is?

Feel convinced yet? If so, we’ve got great news for you – DogBuddy comes to our Barcelona Tech Job Fair on 22nd of March and they’ll be looking for new people to join their team. If you’re interested, prepare your resumes and head straight to Barcelona! Remember, as a job seeker, you’re getting your tickets for free

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