Derivco – Have you got the game?

Derivco – Have you got the game?

Our first autumn event is already planned – we come to London, on the 20th of September. Once more, we will help job seekers find their dream job, and employers find their wanted new employees. One of the companies looking for additional team members is Derivco, and you can have chance of getting hired by them if you book your free job seeker ticket now!

The company thrives in the gaming industry, employing talents of all kind: software developers and artists alike. Together, they create products that the world’s biggest gaming titans are using to launch their projects.

“No other industry advances as rapidly as ours. To stay at the top of our game, we have to evolve as quickly as the technology we work with”, says the company to explain the recipe behind their success.

But it’s not all about learning, it’s also their team. Derivco is highly-dependant on their teamwork, which they embrace and cherish more than anything else. “At Derivco, teamwork makes the dream work. There’s enough brain power here to fire a nuclear substation, and by putting our minds together there is nothing we can’t achieve”, adds the company.

Thanks to this, they managed to create an awesome working place which is perfect for those hungering for challenges and growth – personal and professional alike. Derivco is a group of thinkers, designers, artists, people with vision and ambitions. “We’re also the dev house that every developer wants to work for, so if you think you’ve got game, we want you”, Derivco encourages the job seekers.

If that sounds like you’re cup of tea, then go right ahead: book your free job seeker ticket right now and meet with them during London Tech Job Fair!

And don’t forget to visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about them!