Curelator – Individual Approach to Every Patient

Curelator – Individual Approach to Every Patient

We’re getting closer and closer to Barcelona Tech Job Fair! With this in mind, we’d love you to meet another awesome company which will join us for the event to meet and connect with jobseeker. Let us introduce you to Curelator – designers behind the advanced migraine treating solutions!

Curelator changes the way we approach the so common migraine problem. The company strives to deliver an outstanding solution that will ease the suffering of many patients.

“With our patented, patient-centric digital platform we measure and analyze the impact of environmental, emotional and dietary factors, including medications”, explains the company. “And we provide each patient with individualized maps of their risk factors as well as factors not associated with their migraine attacks. The goal is to provide highly personalized self-management tools that enable patients to experiment with behavioral changes that may improve their condition.”

As is case with many inventions, their success wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for a devoted team that works for making the idea real.

“We have a strong and inspiring team of developers who are thriving for technical excellence. While we understand that some trade-offs are sometimes required to get the job done, we always pay our technical debt back. We have a collaborative approach to work where everyone suggestions and ideas are taken into account and where open feedback is highly valued”, the company shared with us.

“We are looking for energetic, hard-working and fun people who apply best development practices and keep up with new technologies. People are expected to be independent, self-organizing and responsible. We are a multicultural team spread over Europe, US and UK and we work mostly remotely. That is why we need self-motivated people with strong communication skills, who like a challenge and are willing to contribute to building this company.”

What are you waiting for? Head straight to our ticket page and book your free job seeker ticket for Barcelona Tech Job Fair! Meet Curelator’s team personally and use this chance to get hired!
You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook and Twitter!