CEO Sundays: Video Interviewing Can Lead to Better Startup Hiring

CEO Sundays: Video Interviewing Can Lead to Better Startup Hiring

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The startup hiring forecast is looking rosy. According to a recent survey, nearly 83 percent of all startup companies plan to hire in the next year. Considering the 8.2 percent unemployment figures and the lean June jobs report, more job seekers than ever will consider making the switch from an established company to the startup environment.

Just as important as it is for job seekers to find a great position, it’s doubly important for startups to hire the right employees. For startup companies to survive and thrive, they need good employees bringing innovative ideas. Online video hiring solutions are helping these startups find the talented employees they need.

Here are some ways startups can use video interviewing to find superstar candidates:

Creative Solution to a Common Problem 
At most startups, innovation is a prized commodity. After all, if startup entrepreneurs were interested in the way things have always been done they would be working for an established company. Instead startup companies look for creative solutions to common problems, for new ways to innovate and new ideas to bring to the table.

These are the same traits startups look for in ideal employees. Using video interviewing shows candidates right from the hiring process that the company is willing to embrace new ways of thinking. Branding your company as creative and tech savvy will in turn attract potential hires with these same values.


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