2018 Job Hunting Tips: 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Resume Stand Out

You might think you’ve read tens of such articles before, but trust us – this one is worth your time. If you’re preparing for one of the job fairs and want to leave an outstanding resume as an employer’s stand, make sure you hit the bottom of this post. These 5 resume tips can really […]

How to Use Steve Jobs’s Insanely Simple Strategy for Getting What You Want

Overcome your fear of rejection and failure with this three-letter word. There’s a video clip on Youtube of Steve Jobs telling the story of when he was 12-years-old and he was looking for spare parts so he could build an electronic device known as a frequency counter. He tells how he opened the Palo Alto […]

How to Make Your 2017 Technology Event Stand Out

Tasked with organising a tech product launch, reseller event or IT-related conference in 2017? Wondering how you can attract the audience of decision-makers and trendsetters that you desire? Class, Training or Workshop, Conference, Entrepreneurship, Event Technology, Job Fairs, Exhibitions or Trade Show It’s not easy to stand out in the competitive world of start-up and […]


By  Hubert Gertis  Somebody knows what you watched last summer. And wants to know what else you did while you were watching. And no, it’s not just the NSA. LG had to admit it: their Smart TVs were getting a bit too clever for their own good. LG collected the viewing habits of LG users and […]


By  Hubert Gertis  No, your future home isn’t ready yet. But fascinating things are going on. First, we learn about the power of software. In media, we have to deal with two different kind of intangibles: the non-stuff which keeps your silicon  running. And the equally volatile software called programming. Intel, master of all silicon, […]