Missed Opportunities for Britain’s Dotcoms in Europe!

By  Christian Boas | Quorumm Digital Venture Partners We all know about cultural stereotypes in Europe. which British traits are admired and have the potential to penetrate foreign markets? If we think of Germany for example, we think of a leading manufacturing nation with household names like Mercedes, Siemens and Volkswagen. France is big in many sectors […]

Top 6 Apps for Event Management

1) BASECAMP for Task Management Basecamp is a really effective and easy to use project/ task management tool without the complexities which have plagued other project management apps.  Its basic user interface is designed to look like a piece of paper, with a simple menu.  This makes you feel like you’re just jotting down notes. […]

Event Manager’s Elixir: Handle Event Bottlenecks

Original post by katielewis via tweakyourbiz Many always say you learn from your mistakes, but for event managers, mistake makes things even better the next time. So how? We all know event management is a tough job, but that’s what we love to do and what we are the best at. It’s quite common that we face issues every […]