Be a better HR professional. What’s New In Hr Hiring Tips In 2018

Be a better HR professional. What’s New In Hr Hiring Tips In 2018

Human resource is a field that is constantly changing and adjusting to a growing and younger global workforce. To stay on top of the game, human resource professionals need to not only be aware of but also update themselves on the newest trends in hiring. Hiring managers should use the latest tools and tricks to help them attract top talent.

Make sure your banding is strong

Job seekers are more pressed for time and on the move, making your company’s brand that much more important. Are your company goals and vision in line and communicated in a clear and thoughtful manner? Can you represent or allow your candidate to experience your company’s unique culture? You should also expect social media and video tools to play a stronger role in the recruitment process, so make sure your HR team is in line with company branding.

Use Online Resources

Do your research to see what new online resources are available for hiring managers in 2018, and what will continue to improve in 2018. Resources like HRZone, Recruiters LineUp, HR-Guide who offer a resource section with relevant articles for human resource professionals as well as match HR managers tasked with hiring for their companies to the most relevant recruiters, headhunters, and staffing agencies.

Remember, the employee has the power

Power continues to shift from the employer to the employee. With the rise of the “gig” economy, and more and more people working globally, competition is growing stronger every day. Long gone are the days of simply placing an ad in the newspaper. Today, a company’s best chance at reaching highly qualified and relevant candidates comes through working with a recruiter or headhunter. Recruiters have the expertise and vast networks of connections with which to work from, making the search more specific and the candidates of the highest caliber.

Take a more holistic approach to the recruiting process

The recruiting process doesn’t start when you sign to begin working with a recruiter or headhunter, it likely starts a few months back when your boss let’s you know about upcoming changes and asks you to begin the process of locating the right recruiter for the job. Likewise, the process isn’t over once a successful hire has been completed. Onboarding goals are a critical part of this process, once the candidate is hired– well, that’s just the beginning! By taking a more holistic approach to the process, HR teams can take care to ensure a successful hire from the start to end.

The field of human resources is continuously developing and changing and must remain adaptable to an ever younger and more global workforce. Ensuring branding is solidified, and understanding the process of recruitment from a more holistic stance will greatly help your chances of a successful hire.

Remember, the perception of the human resources field is changing. No longer is the HR team just seen as the makers and enforcers of company policy, but rather as a part of the leadership team. Human resources need to create a work environment that is exciting, fulfilling and a place where new talent and potential candidates want to work.

Originally Posted by Or Hillel Internet Entrepreneur & Internet Marketing Expert. He is a career startups enthusiast and co-founder of several companies such as SEO Jobs Finder, Muadefet, Resumes.

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