Avrios – Managing Corporate Mobility Professionally

Avrios – Managing Corporate Mobility Professionally

As we proceed to introduce you to the companies joining us for Zurich Tech Job Fair, it’s time for you to meet with Avrios – the company delivering outstanding solutions for corporate fleets. Today you’ll learn why the company was created and what’s so great about it!

“The companies need support to manage their increasingly complex fleets”, we heard from Avrios. The company told us exactly what stood behind its creation: “Andreas Brenner experienced these challenges first-hand whilst running his family business for years. Finding a lack of available solutions he teamed up with fellow entrepreneurs and software engineers Robin Guldener and Roger Jäggi to address this problem themselves. Founding Avrios in early 2015, we now have over 700 companies using our AI-powered SaaS application to manage their corporate mobility.”

At the moment, the company is a quickly growing business that is in need of new employees to empower who they are and make their solutions even better. We asked them what’s their team like.

“There is room for every type of personality and background. What connects us is that we are all at Avrios to challenge ourselves by trying to achieve something great, together. We constantly push each other to deliver solutions that go beyond what the customer or our colleagues expected. To be able to do this you have to be able to rely on your colleagues to be there for you 100% and constantly develop your own skills and provide each other with direct, honest and constructive feedback”, we heard.

The company is particularly proud of what they offer. It’s not about the ping-pong table, stock options or flexible hours, however. It’s about something entirely else.

“The real benefit of working here is that there is no better place to learn and develop your skills. We have often seen and heard that at Avrios you get the same experience in 1 year compared to 4 years at a big consultant or other corporate company.”

What do you think? If that’s something you’d like to be a part of, the Avrios team will be waiting for you at Zurich Tech Job Fair!
And if you want to learn more about them, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!