Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 18th Aug 2020

Hello everyone! It’s been 14 years since the launch of Flight Simulator X from Microsoft. When the company announced it would re-launch the franchise just over a year ago, using a new graphics engine and satellite data from Bing searcher. The good news is, the new Microsoft  Flight Simulator was worth the wait and, starting […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 23rd July 2020

Hello everyone! Twitter has announced that last week’s over 100 very high-profile Twitter accounts had been hacked and did in fact expose the direct messages of many of those accounts. Twitter said that a “coordinated social engineering attack” gave hackers “access to internal systems and tools.” Apparently whatever method was used, it gave access to […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 9th July 2020

Hello everyone! This pandemic time has brought so many news and had to change the path of a lot of business. After reportedly spending a year and a half working on a cloud service meant for China and other countries, Google cancelled the project, called “Isolated Region,” in May due partly to geopolitical and pandemic-related […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 25th June 2020

Hello everyone! TikTok just announced their new product, “TikTok For Business”. The company is officially introducing a new brand and platform called “TikTok For Business” that will serve as the home for all its current and future marketing solutions for brands. At launch, the site will include access to TikTok ad formats, including its marque […]

Moving into the cloud with Swedbyte: the challenges of a modern workplace

With modern challenges to businesses, moving team collaboration and work management to the cloud is essential. However, this transition is not always as seamless as we wish it to be. And even if you are completely ready to go cloud – in the vast sea of current offerings, what software should you choose? Swedbyte will […]