Is London the Hacking Capital of the World?

Is London the Hacking Capital of the World?

Original post via EC-MSP London is known as a centre of commerce, finance and tech, but the city is less proud to have recently become a capital of cybercrime. A new infographic created by EC-MSP, a London IT company that specialises in cybercrime, shows the full extent of this deceptive crime. With a panoply of data […]

The Wild Code School programming school is consolidated in Spain

Wild Code School, the leading web programming and development school in Europe, has launched its second Bootcamp with a new call for students in its newly opened campus in Madrid. In association with Techmeetups, Wild Code will be hosting the Madrid Tech Job Fair grab yourself a ticket here! To celebrate the good reception of […]


Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 23rd January 2020

Hello everyone! Octi has created a new social network that uses augmented reality to connect the act of seeing your friends in real life with viewing digital content like their favourite YouTube videos and Spotify songs. They already raised $12 million in funding, Fuisz demonstrated what you can see Octi’s  “mic drop” moment — opening […]

TechMeetups Spring 2020 Job Fairs

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 9th January 2020

Thank you all! Happy New Year 2020, and we hope this year everyone gets their dream job and does what she or  he really wants.   Hello everyone!   Let’s start the year with a news that no one is expecting, we have this: Sony just announced they’re launching a CAR! Yes, they have a […]

ACTYX Munich Tech Job Fair Spring 2020


Actyx’s mission is programming collaborative systems for machines and humans. Machines and humans work together with increasing autonomy and their interaction creates tremendous value which is why Actyx creates the tools to construct this collaboration. The smartphone has become a daily companion and so will the machine working next to you. For operational value and […]