Alice: technology improving hospitality

Alice: technology improving hospitality

This week hundreds of ambitious job seekers will have a chance of finding their new dream job. New York tech Job Fair is happening this Thursday and creators of Alice app will be some of the employers looking for new talent. If you’re looking to change your career and discover new challenges, book your ticket for the event now and meet with Alice team in person! But before you do that, check out their brand story and see who they are.

Alice is app is a type of synchronised software which allows the hotels to improve their employe communication and guest reception. Founders of the app admit they were inspired by brands such as Uber, Amazon and Open table ideas of which pushed them towards creating an industry-changing tool.

In their mission, the company strives to connect technology, innovation and hospitality. “We’re a globally-distributed, 60+ member team, passionate about revolutionizing the way hotel staff work together to deliver exceptional service”, says the company.


Alice team implements team-focused, lean startup approach which drives them forward and help them find the best solutions for the challenges they encounter. “We are passionate about our work and don’t wait to be told to act. We seize opportunities and continuously find different ways to create impact. We are consistently improving and increasingly curious”, say the creators of the app.

The baseline of being an Alice employee comes down to being a proactive, ambitious and open-minded person that enjoys working with others and taking ownership of the projects and tasks. Do you think you think you fit in?

If you do, don’t wait any longer – New York City Tech Job Fair is just around the corner! Book your ticket now or visit Alice website, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to learn more about them!