Agile Tour London

Agile Tour London

If there is one place that all agilists should be this autumn, it’s London.

Some of you heard about it already. Some of you will only learn about it now. Agile Tour London, autumn edition is already scheduled and waiting for you. To broaden your horizons, to network, share and connect – book your ticket right now and see other like-minded entrepreneurs on the 19th of October 2018.

Agile Tour London is one of a kind chance for entrepreneurs and startup founders to improve the way they run their business. Agility in business running is one of the feats you want to possess. And if you don’t just yet – going to the conference will open your eyes about it.

“Dive into hands-on workshops and engaging talks, exchange opinions with fellow agilists and meet directly some of the most amazing speakers of the community”, encourage the event organisers.

“Agile Tour London is a conference about Agile in its general approach, where agilists of all background can meet to exchange ideas, refresh their minds, evaluate issues and renew their own approach to Execute Everyday Agile”, they add as they explain what’s the whole deal about.

The conference has already a long list of speakers who will make their points at the numbers of presentations. These are only some of the examples:

  • Testing In Agile – Dan Ashby
  • Scaling Interaction – Wim Heemskerk
  • Finding Simple Solutions To Complex Problems – Richard Atherton
  • Why Our Work Isn’t Used! – Melanie Franklin
  • Us Marines, Agile And Heuristics – Peter Pito

To check out full program of the Agile Tour London conference, visit their site right now or follow their Facebook and Twitter profiles!