6 actions that Top Employers carry out to value their employees

6 actions that Top Employers carry out to value their employees

6 actions that Top Employers carry out to value their employees

There are many situations where there is a lack of understanding between employees and their superiors. In many occasions, the reason is related to the lack of appreciation. When employees don’t feel valued for their work, they are less committed and begin to feel frustrated. This situation is very unpleasant and also negatively influences the company. Employees who are happy at work will assume more responsibilities and their performance will be greater.

There is still much to be done to avoid these tensions that can often lead to dismissal. According to a recent study by the Gallup research centre, only 13% of employees feel committed to the company. Top Employer, is a company that is dedicated to evaluate, analyze and certify good practices of human resources of companies. This is the second year in a row that PageGroup EspaƱa has been certified with the Top Employer label for Spain and Europe. These are the 6 aspects that Top companies implement to value their employees.

1. Training Plans.

To succeed in an extremely competitive global market, companies can only survive if they attract the best professionals. Therefore, it is a crucial aspect to invest in the training of employees. Betting on the development of your competences offering the necessary tools to successfully face your current and future functions. In PageGroup, we offer programs at all levels, from the beginning of the consultant to management positions.

2. Create your own leaders.

What is the difference between a boss and a leader? We can find lots of content on the web related to this. As an example a boss tells you what to do, a leader inspires you to do it. But usually, they forget to mention why these differences exist. Leaders are not born, they need to be trained. In PageGroup, with the help of external trainers and the definition of the Leadership program, we want our employees to have the opportunity to grow, develop and create synergies throughout their career within our company.

3. Offer compensation programs and benefits.

Although the best professionals do not choose the company solely for the salary, it must be borne in mind that this aspect should not be a problem if you want to retain your employees. In PageGroup, throughout the career of the consultant, we offer a variety of benefits besides salary, telephone, health insurance, pension plan, company car, and other incentives.

4. They bet on the diversity of the work teams.

There are numerous studies that show how companies that bet on integration and diversity adapt more quickly to changes and therefore are more successful. Diversity not only refers to employees with different cultural backgrounds but also to the balance between men and women and to the adaptation of different ways of working. Diversity is one of the main aspects within PageGroup, a fact to keep in mind is that 50% of our managers are women.

5. Manage performance for professional development.

Employees commit if they feel their efforts are rewarded. In PageGroup, we offer an evaluation system that allows management of the performance of all employees. On average, our consultants promote every 18 months. Depending on your abilities and interests, there are several ways to develop your career within the company. Each quarter we review the technical and personal competencies to know where they are in their trajectory and how they will face the future.

6. Make your employees feel at home.

When do we show the best version of ourselves? Usually, when we are in a pleasant environment and we feel at ease. The environment that surrounds you is the right one, you perform better. For this reason, we should be happy in the place where we spend eight hours a day. In PageGroup we are proud of the good atmosphere we have, we offer health programs and we bet for the welfare of the employee inside and outside the office.