4 Things To Check Off Your Summer Job Seeking Bucket List

4 Things To Check Off Your Summer Job Seeking Bucket List

Original post by Josh Tolan via BusinessInsider

With so many cookouts to host and beaches to visit, securing a job may be one of the last things listed on your summer bucket list. While you may think you deserve a vacation from your job search, consider this: a recent survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals found that three in ten (29 percent) of U.S. employers plan to hire summer workers.

In addition, a Forbes article advised recruiters that now is the ideal time to hire temporary workers to achieve specialized expertise, quick ramp-up and fresh perspectives. Before you grab your flip-flops to head to the pool, remember that more often than not, temporary work leads to a full-time opportunity within a company.

To stay focused on your job search when the summer sun is so inviting, try checking off items from a Summer Job Seeking Bucket List like the one below!

1. Update Your Professional Profiles
This step on the bucket list seems like common sense, but job seekers will often update their paper resume without giving a second thought to their online professional profiles like LinkedIn. If you’ve forgotten this vital step in your summer job search, make it your first bucket list stop. Double check to ensure your online professional profiles match your paper resume almost exactly (and of course are reiterated in your video resume). Use the same keywords and punctuation style and keep job descriptions very similar, if not the same.