4 Best Tips for Successful Social Recruiting

4 Best Tips for Successful Social Recruiting

Original post by Allison Reilly via RPOA

Social media and recruiting is the next gap to bridge in hiring and recruiting, the next frontier in finding great candidates better and faster than your competitors (and turning those candidates into employees). However, as the next gap to bridge and the next frontier, there’s still a lot to learn in social media and recruiting. Developing a successful social media recruiting strategy is still an experiment, a process of trial and error. To establish your social recruiting strategy and to facilitate that process, here are the 4 best tips we have for successful social recruiting:

1. Evaluate Your Employment Brand Before Getting Started

Social media not only makes candidates more transparent, but it also makes your company and the recruiting process more transparent. If potential candidates don’t like how you’ve represented yourself on these social networks, then they won’t be engaged or interested in what you have to offer. Your employment brand needs to be in place before starting your social media and recruiting and getting involved in a digital dialogue, as the brand will be the guide to what’s being said and how the process unfolds.