10 Job Skills Startups Will Kill For

10 Job Skills Startups Will Kill For

Original post by SCOTT GERBER via Mashable

Megaphone-Jobs-istockphotoScott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only organization comprised of promising young entrepreneurs. The YEC’s #StartupLab is a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs grow businesses via live video chats.

Recruiting top-tier tech talent continues to be a challenge for startup founders — many are still looking to fill important jobs that involve a diverse mix of marketing, content, tech and people skills, including some you’ve probably never heard of.

The following panel of successful founders shares which skill sets they think will be in high demand at a startup near you — and why.

1. Design

I think for most new startups, while they are mainly “tech” companies, it’s not the technology that “makes” the company. It’s the usability and the experience, and a designer is the chief architect of the user’s experience. I think founding teams are going to move from a traditional two-person team (business/engineer) to three-person teams, incorporating a designer to be able to differentiate.

– Jessica BrondoThe Edge in College Prep

2. Growth Hackers and Enterprise Software Sales

Growth hackers, people with deep analytical skillsets and the ability to influence product and often write code themselves, are invaluable to early stage startups that often lack focus on distribution.


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