Why I’m working for the man and not doing a startup

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Original post by Randall via fredandrandall After finding out I was going to work for Microsoft,  friend of mine asked “Why are you working for the man? Aren’t you into startups?”  My response was mostly “I like getting a paycheck every two weeks” but... Read more »

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Making waves in mature Melbourne

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Original post by Michelle Hammond via startupsmart The city of Melbourne is famous for its food, its fashion and its football, squeezing all manner of things into every calendar year, with no shortage of activities for tourists and locals alike. Since the mid 1990s,... Read more »

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Here’s What Happens When You Hate Your Job

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Original post by Brent Daily via mashable Brent Daily is finally contributing to the GDP again as a founder of RoundPegg, a company culture intelligence platform that quantifies culture to help companies hire for culture fit and engage employees. You’re really... Read more »

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10 Facts About Working at a Startup vs. a Big Company

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Original post by alexlod I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to recruit friends of mine to come work with me at my super early startup.  In doing so I’ve had to educate a lot of my friends on what it’s like to be at a startup, and why you might want to join one.... Read more »

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One Hundred Days/Day 62

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Original post by KERN AND BURN I was attracted to the opportunity to work in an environment where people take risks by following their passions. — CHRIS MUCCIOLI Like so many designers Chris Muccioli came to design through a passion for music. He said, “I came to... Read more »

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JOBS Act just what Obama ordered

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Original post by REP. ERIC CANTOR via Politico America has always offered immense opportunity because innovators have had the ability to take risks, work hard and be rewarded for it. Innovators, entrepreneurs and small-business people built the framework for American... Read more »

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Hiring the right people for a startup

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Original post by Renaissance Personnel Group While staffing agencies in Phoenix and other cities can undoubtedly be the driving force behind the hiring process for startup companies lacking recruiting departments, there are still a number of strategies these firms can... Read more »

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US job moves: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo

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Original post by Heather Taylor via Econsultancy Following our UK moves, here's the most senior, surprising and influential job moves in the US. This week we've seen two major loses to Microsoft, Google's first employee joining a startup and staff moves from Apple to... Read more »

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Boston Startups: Get Aggressive in Working with Big Companies

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Original post by Robert DiLoreto via Xconomy Boston startups should be focusing more on creating strategic partnerships with big companies. An “if we build it, they will come” mindset appears to dominate the Boston startup scene. Too many startups also rely mostly on... Read more »

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Seniors are the new entrepreneurs

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Original post by Sharon Naylor via Dispatch A growing number of seniors are going into business for themselves. According to the Ewing Marion Foundation, 55- to 64-year-old Americans have a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than those in the 20-to-34 age... Read more »

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