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10-Month-Old Startup Buys 93-Year-Old Business for $100 Million

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Original post by Seth Fiegerman via Mashable Before Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield even launched Harry's, an online service for men's grooming products, they had their eyes set on a first acquisition. The pair wanted to buy an old German razor factory for $100... Read more »

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Interview with Tom Moor (@tommoor) – Founder of Sqwiggle(@sqwiggle)

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Interview with Tom Moor (@tommoor) – Founder of Sqwiggle(@sqwiggle)

Original post by Beta List Join Barcelona Startup Workshop @itnig,Carrer Àlaba 61, 5-2,08005 Barcelona,Spain ,Wednesday, February 26, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (WET) Online Ticketing for Barcelona Startup Workshop powered by... Read more »

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The Full D11 Interview of Ben Silbermann(@8en) CEO of Pinterest (@Pinterest)

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By All Things Join  TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! New York Jan 2014 #TMUdrinks @ TurnToTech, 184 5th Avenue 4th Floor , New York, NY 10010, Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST) Event management for TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night!... Read more »

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One Hundred Days/Day 62

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Original post by KERN AND BURN I was attracted to the opportunity to work in an environment where people take risks by following their passions. — CHRIS MUCCIOLI Like so many designers Chris Muccioli came to design through a passion for music. He said, “I came to... Read more »

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Starting Up: London Vs. The Valley

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Original post by James Gardner via InnovatorInside These days, my job at Spigit has me spending 50% of my time in London, and the rest in California at our head offices in the East Bay area. This is very interesting, because it really illuminates the difference between... Read more »

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Find your startup’s voice:Why I hired a journalist to run my company blog

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Original post by  Greg Collier via VB Entrepreneur Corner  As a CEO of a startup, my online voice – a blog called Greg’s Corner — is the place where I share my company news, try to differentiate myself from competitors, and showcase the value I’m offering. But... Read more »

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Mayor Bloomberg Will Learn How To Write Code In 2012

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Original post by CARL FRANZEN via TPM New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been increasingly vocal about his love for all things tech over the past few years, but now he’s taking it a whole new level. On Thursday, Bloomberg (the real one) tweeted that his new... Read more »

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How to crowdfund your start-up

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Original post by Andrew Denham via Startups The Bicycle Academy's Andrew Denham explains how he raised £40,000 in five days – and shares his secrets for success I raised £40,000 in five and a half days but, in truth, the campaign took me almost a year, as I courted... Read more »

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The Value-Driven Startup

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Original post by Lior Levin via YOUNG UP STARTS When you work in a startup, the hours are long and the work can be punishing. You might make decent money – or be in the running for a great payoff later – but the initial investment of time and energy that goes into a... Read more »

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The most exciting moments of 2011 from NYC’s best new startups

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original post by COURTNEY BOYD MYERS via TNW While living in New York’s tech community this past year has been a wild ride, it’s been a ride alongside a welcoming, supportive and extraordinary group of people. We’ve seen pivots, partnerships, massive hiring,... Read more »

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