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StartupValley Generates Capital For Tech Startups

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Original post by Virtual-Strategy SADDLE BROOK, N.J., Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- StartupValley is the future of technology-based startups. The site is an online, equity crowdfunding portal established as a result of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or... Read more »

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Ovation offers small-biz hiring app

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Original post by  UPSTART One of today’s press releases that stood out from the pack: Ovation Technologies launched Ovation, a mobile and cloud-based social recruiting application designed specifically for the needs of small- and medium-size businesses. Available in... Read more »

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Ovation Launches Mobile, Cloud-Based Social Hiring Apps

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Original post by Nathan Eddy via eWeek The service is offered free for the first month, with subscriptions costing $39.95 per month. Web-based and mobile application software developer Ovation Technologies announced the launch of Ovation, a mobile and cloud-based... Read more »

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6 Ways to Get a Tech Job Without a Tech Degree

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Original post by Aaron Shapiro via Mashable Aaron Shapiro is CEO of Huge, a global digital agency based in Brooklyn, and author of Users Not Customers. He has spent more than a decade as a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist and management consultant. Jobs in... Read more »

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Classes map way to starting own business

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Original post by Lorri Allen via Azcentral Many of us have dreamed of launching our own businesses. And metro Phoenix residents hoping to start their own businesses will find there are various resources to help them gain the knowledge they'll need to launch their... Read more »

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What Social Recruiting is and What it is not

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Original post by Sarang Brahme via RecruitingBlogs Each day I speak with recruiters about Social Media who shares their enthusiasm about using this channel for sourcing. The next question is – how soon they should expect to get profiles and where all they can post the... Read more »

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The History of Social Recruiting Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Original post by Lauren Hockenson via Mashable Digital recruiting has certainly come a long way in such a short time. Since the dawn of the computerized job process, quick and simple strides have been made in recruiting that have ultimately produced a major impact on how... Read more »

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Silicon Valley technology helps power new ‘sharing economy’

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Original post by Dana Hull via MercuryNews Looking for a place to stay, dinner to go, or a car to drive? A new economy is emerging in the Bay Area and around the country with a different, more convenient and often cheaper way to find what you need: sharing. A wide array of... Read more »

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IT Innovations Dominate 2012’s ‘Great Eight’ Business Plans

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Original post by Knowledge Since launching around the height of the bubble of the early 2000s, Wharton's Business Plan Competition has seen ever increasing diversity in entries from student entrepreneurs. This year, a big theme was IT solutions for business... Read more »

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The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth

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Original post by MARK SUSTER via  Both Sides of the Table When you work inside a startup with lots of clever and motivated staff you’re never short of good ideas that you can implement. It’s tempting to take on new projects, new features, new geographies, new... Read more »

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