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4 Best Tips for Successful Social Recruiting

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Original post by Allison Reilly via RPOA Social media and recruiting is the next gap to bridge in hiring and recruiting, the next frontier in finding great candidates better and faster than your competitors (and turning those candidates into employees). However, as the... Read more »

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Study: 75 percent of Americans on the lookout for a new job

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Original post by sfgate A new poll suggests most Americans are always keeping an eye out for that next better paying or more satisfying job. The study commissioned by social recruiting firm Jobvite of Burlingame found that three out of every four workers are actively... Read more »

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Original post by RocketWatcher I spent the day yesterday at FounderFuel for their Mentor Day. If you aren’t familiar with FounderFuel they are a very successful startup accelerator based in Montreal. And what a day it was – 8 startups pitched and then did roundtable... Read more »

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Social Media in Recruiting

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Original post by slideshare READ MORE We’re delighted to announce we’re holding our second bi-annual Job fair this September in London Event registration for #TechMeetups presents #TechStartupJobs Fair powered by... Read more »

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Original post by we know next The Resumator offers HR professionals an innovative way to locate qualified job candidates through not only social media but across various popular job sites, while only utilizing one interface. Through the application, the user can promote... Read more »

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5 Ways You Are Killing Your Business When Recruiting (Social Professionals)

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Original post by Debbie Horovitch via B2C I’m sure not everyone is guilty of these hiring faux pas in the social media era, but I’ve seen it enough in the past 4 years of interviewing and pitching for social media positions and clients that I know many business owners... Read more »

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Are You A Super Social Job Seeker?

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Original post by 1 in 6 people found their last job by using social media, according to data from Jobvite. This figure - nearly 17% of jobseekers - rises to 28% for those candidates who are more serious about developing their social networking connections.... Read more »

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How Social Media Is Redefining the Resume

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Original post by Resumes have long been the standard way in which job applicants illustrate their qualifications to potential employers. However, the rise of social media in the corporate world is shifting the emphasis from the resume’s static... Read more »

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Transmedia Companies Want ‘Story-Driven’ Tech People

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Original post by ELISABETH GREENBAUM KASSON  via Dice The entertainment business is engaged in nothing less than the reinvention of narrative, and the leading edge is something called transmedia. It’s in this corner of storytelling that a next wave of developers,... Read more »

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Social Media Marketing Basics – Getting Your Startup Into The Social Arena

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Original post by Daniel Melo via killerStartups Planning and implementing a marketing strategy may prove a challenge for many startups although seizing social media is essential if you want your startup to thrive. Today, thorough SEO strategies go hand in hand with... Read more »

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