LSR June Meetup (Mobile App Expo) Presenter: The Lost Journal (Conjure)

Written by Susie Cornfield specifically for the iPad and realised for publishers Garret Books by ConjureDigital, The Lost Journal is the prequel to the satirical thriller series of Susie Cornfield’s Dekaydence novels about teenagers fighting to save the planet from global warming, political corruption and designer trousers. The new iPad app contains stunning new artwork by Jamel Akib, […]


LSR June Meetup (Mobile App Expo) Presenter: HulloMail

HulloMail was formed in 2008, however, their journey began back in 1999, when their CEO, on a flight back from Dublin, designed a web solution to allow his family to send him emails by simply using their phone. The HulloMail service allows their customers to decide how they want to manage their communications. Offering a quick […]

Turned On Digital

LSR June Meetup (Mobile App Expo) Presenter: Situationist (Turned On Digital)

Turned On Digital is an experienced mobile applications developer and publisher; they know how to make great apps and they know how to get them seen. The company wants to see mobile apps evolve, and is eager to use their expertise to help clients turn their brilliant ideas into commercially viable products. They’re a core, […]

London Silicon Roundabout Weekly Roundup 03-June

London Silicon Roundabout Weekly Roundup 03-June

Weekly Newsletter of London Silicon Roundabout ISSUE 03 JUNE 2011   UPCOMING EVENTS What:   Techmeetups June meetup (Mobile App Expo) When: Thursday, June 9, 2011 6:00 PM Price:    GBP3.00 per person Where: Seren Partners, 57 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QA MORE DETAILS 06-June: Crowdsourcing, Real-time Data &Connected Cities: Waze’s Di-Ann Eisnor 06-June: Guathon2011 […]


Techmeetups Sponsor: Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

The Intel AppUpSM developer program provides developers with everything they need to create and then sell their applications to millions of Intel Atom-based devices. The program gives OEMs and the ecosystem a framework to deliver great new applications directly to consumers. Through the program, developers will set the price for their applications and will receive […]

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