Work opportunities in Tech in Québec!

Work opportunities in Tech in Québec!

Strength of Québec’s IT Industry
Thriving technology hub with the highest concentration of jobs technology and university researchers
in Canada. World leader in artificial intelligence, video games, special effects, aerospace, and more.
The creativity and innovative sense of its workforce attract many world-leading giants of the industry
including Fujitsu, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook.

Participation criteria and Job opportunities

• You have the specific qualifications for working in one of the companies participating in the

recruitment event submits your candidacy.

• You have French and/or English language skills,

• You work reside and/or are a citizen of the European Union, Schengen Area and the United

Kingdom, in sectors such as:

  • IT, AI, Cyber developers, data scientists, analysts, cyber & cloud specialists, soft

ware &machine learning engineers

  • VIDEO GAMES 3D animators, programmers, conceptors