Top Trends in IT Recruitment in 2017

Top Trends in IT Recruitment in 2017

Technology talent and solutions provider Randstad Technologies has deep industry expertise and provides recruitment, consulting, projects, and outsourcing capabilities to large and mid-sized organizations. Based on its experience in the global human resources sector, it has predicted that cybersecurity skills would be mandatory in any IT-related job in the future, new tech skills and knowledge would provide an advantage, and the future workforce would be more diverse and include more experienced workers, freelancers, and Gen Z.

Randstad Technologies has predicted that the future IT workforce would be influenced by the following trends:


  • Cybersecurity: With the alarming increase in cyber threats, organizations are looking to include security in every single aspect of IT. The roles of IT specialists and cybersecurity practitioners would be merged. This way, security would be inbuilt into the products and processes and become ubiquitous across the organization, and be more effective.
  • Mobility: With the penetration of Internet and smartphones, mobile technology would be in high demand for developing various mobile applications aimed at serving consumers and managing workforce, resources, and processes. Randstad Technologies predicts that mobile developers would become the hottest talent hires during 2017.
  • Automation: This is another growing area where big data and analytics are used to automate IT functions such as cybersecurity and network monitoring. There would be a growing demand for people who can provide a higher level of analysis and make decisions in IT environments.
  • New technology: Disruptions brought about by innovation and technological breakthroughs will continue in 2017. People who have knowledge and experience in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR) will be in high demand.

Workforce composition

The tech industry is known for employing a diverse workforce that encourages women and ethnicity. Randstad Technologies predicts that in 2017 the tech industry will widen this diversity to include people with different ages and experience.

  • Experience: Old is not out. The tech industry, which was focusing mainly on the younger and fresh talent, has begun to realize the advantages of having a workforce that includes older and more experienced employees. In 2017, companies will be placing greater emphasis on hiring people of all ages.
  • Gen Z: The new generation, which is just entering the workforce and preferring STEM-related professions, brings its own dynamics like personal technology and social-media engagement into the workplace. To be able to satisfy, retain, and ensure higher productivity from the Gen Z, organizations would have to consider incorporating VR and wearables into the workplace.
  • Agile workforce: Globalization, technological advancements, and penetration of Internet and smartphones have created a rapidly growing independent workforce. At the same time, companies are also demanding greater flexibility, efficiency, and economy from their workforce investments. The rapidly changing technology has created a shortage of talent due to which freelancers and temporary workers who have the requisite knowledge would be in high demand. Randstad Technologies predicts that 50% of the workforce by 2019 will be made up of agile employees and freelancers.

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