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newsletter 17th Jan


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello,   look what we’ve found this week: “The hysteria about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. There seems to be no shortage of sensationalist news about how AI could cure diseases, accelerate human innovation and improve human creativity.” It comes from this article. What’s taking on this whole AI hype? Do you […]

Technology for Your Safety

There was a time when having a car was a luxury. Hardly you could see cars driving by, not speaking about hard traffic. However, it’s not the case now. Even in small towns, traffic can be a real nightmare and driving keeps getting harder. That’s why we at TECHmeetups Shop have created a list of […]

Wittenborg University: An organization To Call Home

With only several days left until Amsterdam Tech Job Fair, we’d like you to have another look at our venue partner – Wittenborg University. Today we come to you with an interview with Maggie Feng, the University’s CEO. Check it out to learn more about them and how deeply they get involved with their students. […]

TechMeetups Newsletter November 15th 2018

Hello there! Did you know that Official Google’s G Suite Twitter account was recently hacked by cryptocurrency scammers? If that doesn’t raise security concerns for all of us, what does? Do you ever worry about the security of your accounts and the information you put out there online? We definitely do! But onto more pleasant […]


Hello, Amsterdam! Are you ready for the 29th of November? It is then when your city will turn into a job-seeking hub! Some really cool companies are joining us for Amsterdam Tech Job Fair and Endouble is one of them! Check out what they’ve got to say and book your ticket while they’re still available! […]