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Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 6th March 2020

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 6th March 2020

Hello everyone! Apple just updated its App Store Review Guidelines that detail which apps will be accepted or rejected, and what apps are allowed to do. The changes to the guidelines impact reviews, push notifications, Sign in with Apple, data collection and storage, mobile device management and more, the company says. Some of the more […]

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Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 20th February 2020

Hello everyone! SpaceX has launched a batch of 60 Starlink satellites to orbit, marking its fifth overall launch of a group of 60 of the small spacecraft and its third this year alone. This launch brings the total constellation to 300 satellites for Starlink on orbit, extending SpaceX’s lead as the largest commercial satellite operator […]

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 6th February 2020

Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 6th February 2020

Hello everyone! Google Glass was ahead of its time when it came out, but this doesn’t mean that the people who wore it in public didn’t look like giant dorks, of course, but in hindsight, it seems safe to say that the world just wasn’t ready for wearable augmented reality. In May, the company announced […]


Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 23rd January 2020

Hello everyone! Octi has created a new social network that uses augmented reality to connect the act of seeing your friends in real life with viewing digital content like their favourite YouTube videos and Spotify songs. They already raised $12 million in funding, Fuisz demonstrated what you can see Octi’s  “mic drop” moment — opening […]

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Tech Meetups Weekly Newsletter 9th January 2020

Thank you all! Happy New Year 2020, and we hope this year everyone gets their dream job and does what she or  he really wants.   Hello everyone!   Let’s start the year with a news that no one is expecting, we have this: Sony just announced they’re launching a CAR! Yes, they have a […]