SocMed 2011

9 – 15 July 2012: Social Media Week – SocMed (#TMUSocMed)

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Our Previous Event Partners

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Social Media is changing the world – there is no other way to put it! By learning more about social media and applying strategies to solve existing challenges you’ll be making your business that much more competitive in the market. But with the deluge of social networks, analytics platforms and multiple metrics out there, making sense of the social media landscape is far from easy.

With so much to talk about, TechMeetups is organizing an series of events around the world for our communities to share their best social media practices.

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What do you get when you take some of the top social media gurus & product experts and put them in a room facing tech startup founders who are looking to get the most out of social media for their young and fast growing company?


An interactive forum which gives you real, clear and specific advice, rather than leaving you even more confused than ever before!

Whatever your company does, if you have a social media presence, and don’t think you’re getting most out of it this is one event you don’t want to miss!

The concept
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  • Startup founders: book your presentation slot and submit the URLs of two of your social media accounts.
  • Our social media gurus will review your social media accounts in the run-up to the event
  • On the day, you’ll introduce your company to our gurus and other event participants.
  • You’ll get some of the very best unbiased advice out there from top social media experts on
    1. where you’re going right,
    2. any improvements you should make to create a more effective social media campaign
    3. recommendation of other social media platforms which would be effective for more widely marketing your product

Want Social media advice but don’t feel ready to present?

This event is open to all participants. Even if you’re not presenting your own social media account, you’ll learn so much more from seeing real-life examples being optimised and scrutinised.

This is an event for anyone who wants straight-to-the-point advice from social media experts, not wooly advice which applies to everyone. We look forward to helping you make your social media marketing a success!


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We will be inviting a great line up of social media experts and innovative startups to give us more insight into most industry-changing trends in social networks, social media platforms and tools. Yet, the stars of the show will remain the attendees: You can also become a presenter or lead a discussion on the day: just show up (the earlier the better) and choose a 30 minute time slot where the floor is yours!

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Through TechMeetups’ growing global network of tech communities, the month of July will be the time when our 4,000+ members around the world are talking about Social Media at and, of course, via social media channels. All these people will be wanting to find out about the very best techniques, tools and platforms for social media management.

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As a Sponsor of’s SocMed month your brand will have both local and global exposure. Our event attendees will be London-based developers, designers, entrepreneurs and those interested in innovative technologies for the purpose of growing their business or project.

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At TechMeetups we want to encourage our members to try new products and platforms to solve their biggest challenges. During this event you can host a workshop which will allow attendees to get valuable help from you on setting up or becoming an expert in your product or platform.

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Reach individual city communities in our network; Platinum Sponsors will be be able to present at our SocMed event; Attend our event to network with the community. See below for more details.

Sponsorship Benefits



Logo on



Logo prominence  at the event



Company mentions in all member newsletters



Continued web presence of your brand

1 year

3 months

Presentation by  your company at the event


Tickets to the event



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Your goodies distributed to the attendees


Multiple city sponsorship: please contact us

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[reveal title=”Dubai” ]Mr. John McGrann, CEO, Drive Social Media, @DriveSocMedia, johnmcgrann[/reveal]

Previous Presenters

[reveal title=”London” ]Christine Beardsell
Peter McCormack, CEO,
Stuart Gardner, Business Development Manager, Comufy
Fred Caballero Channelship[/reveal][reveal title=”New York” ]Dave Kerpen, co-founder and CEO at Likeable Media
Matthew Knell, Social Media Director at AOL
Kohort [/reveal]
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Your Reviews Here…

“Excellent event. Stimulation speakers and discussions with a lot of knowledge displayed.”
– Bradley

“Great turnout and a fun panel discussion! I really enjoyed it!”
– Bob Schukai

“Well organized. Smart people. Good presentations by both the people (for and against the motion). 3 very interesting startups. A productive/funevening. Thanks to the organizers.”
– Mahadevan


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Get Tickets in your city

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SocMed Unconference (#TMUsocmed) and Masterclass, 12th July 3-6pm (GMT), O2 Workshop 229 Tottenham Court Rd, W1T 7QG

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Join Us[/button][button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Join Us:Masterclass[/button] [button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]More Details[/button] [button url=”mailto:[email protected]?subject=SocMed (London)” color=”green” ]Contact Organiser[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Singapore” ]

Singapore TechMeetups: July TechMeetups #TechMeetups, Monday, July 23, 2012, 7:00 PM, Plug-in@Blk71, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-18

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Join Us[/button] [button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]More Details[/button] [button url=”mailto:[email protected]?subject=SocMed (Singapore)” color=”green” ]Contact Organiser[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Dubai” ]

Dubai TechMeetups Inaugural Meetup & SocMed Night, Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 7:30 PM (ET), Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Wild Peeta Trade Center

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Join Us[/button] [button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]More Details[/button] [button url=”mailto:[email protected]?subject=SocMed (Dubai)” color=”green” ]Contact Organiser[/button][/panel] [/accordion]