Build Your Brand and Land that Dream Job Ebook


Social Media has dramatically changed the job landscape. If you’re seeking a job, you must remake yourself as a brand. Brands build trust with people and that trust translates to increased business and a reliable customer base in your business or job life, which is exactly what you want your online brand to do for you. Your personal brand builds trust in prospective employers and opens the doors for you to find new positions.


Brand and get hired for your dream job

  1. A Personal Brand Differentiates You
  2. Set You Apart from Your Peers
  3. Open Yourself Up from New Opportunities

Chapter 1: Think of Yourself as a Company..

  1. Analyze Your Career Path.
  2. Upgrade and Update Your Skills.
  3. Create A Resume.
  4. Clean Up Your Social Media.

Chapter 2: Dress for the Job

  1. Wear a Suit
  2. Make Sure Your Hair is Well Groomed.
  3. Use Minimal Aftershave/Perfume.
  4. Have Fresh Breath.
  5. No Jewellery.
  6. Take a Briefcase/Folio Case.

Chapter 3: Build your Brand through Your CV/Resume

  1. Resume should do the following in 15 seconds or less

Chapter 4: Application Letters – Expanding on Your Brand

  1. Introduction.
  2. Application Letter.
  3. Concluding.

Chapter 5: Build an Online Persona..

  1. Your Own Website.
  2. Blog.
  3. Join LinkedIn.
  4. Links.
  5. Face-to-Face Networking

Chapter 6: Embrace Networking.

  1. Create Two Lists.
  2. Create Your Elevator Pitch.
  3. Make Contact
  4. Don’t Necessarily Go and Ask for a Job Outright
  5. Lookout

Chapter 7: Next Step – The Interview…

Chapter 8: Be Yourself..

Chapter 9: Reinvent Your Brand as You Grow…