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TechMeetups runs Masterclasses specifically for tech startups to help in specific areas which are vital for creating a fast growing, sustainable and valuable company.

Due to our global reach we’re able to bring some of the top experts in their field in front of out community members, allowing them to learn from the very best.

This is a page dedicated to sharing the lessons from those Masterclasses with anyone running a tech startup or thinking about setting one up. Visit the individual pages from the menu below to see presentations and main takeaways from our experts.

[button url=”mailto:[email protected]?subject=MasterClasses” target=”_blank” color=”green” ]Contact Organizer[/button] [button url=” ” target=”_blank” ]Guru Program[/button][/tab] [tab id=”2″] [reveal title=”Marketing & PR for Tech Startups” ]Ben Maynard, Managing Director and Chair of the Technology Practice, Burson Masteller, @benm1969

Claire Landon, Freelance Journalist, Conference Producer and Copywriter.

Nick Ernskine-Shaw, Sales & Marketing Manager,, @NickErskineShaw

Dragos Ilinca, Co-Founder & VP Marketing, UberVU, @dragosilinca[/reveal][reveal title=”Protect Your Code, Equity & Assets when Hiring” ]Zoe Whitworth, HR Consultant, HR Insight, @HRinsight_

Michelle Chance, Partner, Kingsley Napley LLP, @kingsleynapley

Andrew Tingley, Partner, Kingsley Napley LLP, @kingsleynapley

Guy Pritchard, Associate Partner, Radford[/reveal][reveal title=”Alternatives to Investment, Legals & Marketing” ]Andrew Lockley, Business Angel & Consultant

Simon Halberstam, Partner, Kingsley Napley

Andrew Solomon, Solicitor, Kingsley Napley

Chris Winstanley, VP Marketing, Basekit[/reveal][reveal title=”Business Plans, Investment, HR & Tax Planning” ]Anastasia Kovavela, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Sean Owen, Pentech Ventures

Richard Cummings, HR Insight

Howard Weintrob, Chartered Tax Adviser, Jeffreys Henry LLP [/reveal][reveal title=”Content Strategy, Community & Analytics” ]Joanna Pieters, Founder & Lead Content Strategist, Alpha Content

Michael Theodoulou, Web Behaviour Specialists and Tulkas Recruitment

Adam Baker, Founder, Blottr[/reveal][reveal title=”Inside Apple: World’s Biggest Startup” ]Adam Lashinsky, @adamlashinsky #InsideApple

Horace Dediu, Founder, Asymco, @asymco[/reveal][reveal title=”Mobile Apps: Design, Monetisation & Law” ]Antonio Mendes Pinto, CEO, Toze Labs

Simon Halberstam, Partner, Kingsley Napley

Ben Medlock, CTO, Swiftkey

Ian Malone, Managing Director, We Are Apps[/reveal][reveal title=”Venture Capital For Tech Startups” ]Alan Wallace, Investment Director, Octopus Ventures

Andrey Kessel, Entrepreneur and Investor

Mark Davis, CEO & Co-Founder, Kohort

Ryan Kiskis, VP Product, Basekit[/reveal][/tab] [/tabswrap][/two_columns_last]

Learn from our Past Masterclasses

[accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Effective Marketing & PR for Tech Startups ” ]

During Digital Shoreditch week hundreds of visitors interested in digital creativity will be in East London.

TechMeetups is organising a daytime and evening event to bring together the most pioneering technologists and designers who are blurring the boundaries between the disciplines to come up with the most innovative and appealing products and marketing techniques.

3-6pm Masterclass on Effective Marketing and PR

Bringing together some of London’s more pioneering marketing and PR experts to give you practical advice and lessons they have learned in the trade.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Protect your code, equity & assets when hiring for your startup ” ]

Your startup will always be judged by the quality of your team. Whether you’re speaking to a potential customer, investor or journalist, your operations and team will always be scrutinized in great detail. And quite rightly – getting the dynamics of your team right can be the difference between exponential growth…. or none at all.

Further, the design of your equity scheme will impact on most of the important decisions you’ll make in your company. It’s vital to get this right or you could pay the price if one of your team decides to leave or when you exit the business.

We realise the options for building your team are multiple and each comes with its costs and benefits. To help you make sense of the best options when you start building your team, or review your current situation, we’re putting together a Masterclass aimed at anyone that’s ever going to have to hire anybody.

[reveal title=”What you will learn?” ][list style=”orb” color=”grey”]

  • What’s the difference to your company when hiring a freelancer as opposed to an employee? How do you protect your core IP if you hire contractors?
  • How can you vet candidates in the most cost effective way before offering them the job?
  • What do you need to consider if you’re thinking of hiring someone from abroad?
  • What are the current market rates for senior team members and how do you incentivise your staff to perform and stay with you long term? How do you design effective quity schemes?
  • How can you use online talent and platforms such as Elance to scale your team at low cost and high speed?

[/list][/reveal] [button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Real life case studies in Social Media ” ]

Social Media is changing the world – there is no other way to put it! By learning more about social media and applying strategies to solve existing challenges you’ll be making your business that much more competitive in the market. But with the deluge of social networks, analytics platforms and multiple metrics out there, making sense of the social media landscape is far from easy.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Workshop: Show me the Money” ]

2 Statistics reveal that 90% of startups close down in the 1st year alone due to the lack of funding. This triggers a constant battle to stay afloat and generate income for oneself.

With advancement of the net and various public & private initiatives there are actually quite a few ways Startups can raise that crucial funding to get off the ground. TechMeetups is bringing you a workshop to cover 8 different ways that you as a Startup can raise that important seed funding to get your business off the ground.

Experts and pioneers in startup finance will be joining us to help you understand which investment options are best for your business, whatever stage you’re at.

[reveal title=”We will be covering:” ][list style=”check” color=”green”]

  • Bootstrapping
  • Your local bank
  • CrowdSourcing
  • Specialist Banks
  • Govt. Grants
  • Accelators
  • Overseas Initiatives
  • Angels & Angel Networks
  • Seed Investments
  • TechMeetups Investor Day and Investment Forum

[/list][/reveal][button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button] [/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Investment, Company Structure, and Marketing ” ]

When you’re setting up and running your startup you’ll be responsible for a million+ things. What’s more, you’ll rarely find time to go back and think about the basics… let alone question them. That’s why we’ve brought together an evening of three essential presentations that will help you question and iterate your approach to funding, marketing and future-proofing your company’s legals.

By the end of the evening you’ll have an actionable checklist of all the things you may have never thought about or just never found the time to delve into in detail.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” How To Make Sure You’re Investment and Exit Ready ” ]

It’s a story which happens all too often but is not talked about enough. A startup may have succeeded in developing the right product, adopting the right marketing strategies and employing the right team. But when they get to the stage of seeking investment from a VC or looking to exit, they encounter a surprise. With the wrong business plan, the wrong spin on your story for an investor’s ears, the wrong employee contracts or a misunderstanding of how to extract profit from your startup, there are very expensive lessons to be learned.

To address these issues we’ve brought together four experts to give you the advice that they consider to be most important for startup companies, but often (to their horror) does not get implemented. This session is for anyone that’s serious about growing their startup beyond seed funding stage and through to a profitable exit. You’ll get plenty of value out of it whether you are about to start out, are currently seeking investment or looking to exit.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Want to Build Something of Value? Think of Content, Community, and Analytics ” ]

If you belong to or run a tech startup, your website is going to be generating most, if not all, of your revenue. And because designing and running a website is no easy task, we’ve bought together 3 experts on content strategy, website analytics and community building to share their wealth of knowledge with you. By the end of the evening you’ll be armed with a list of tips on how to structure the long term growth of your website, what the website stats actually tell you and how to build a strong community that is engaged with your business.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Apple: World’s Biggest Startup. Special presentation by Adam Lashinsky ” ]

“So much of what Apple does stands decades of business teaching on its head, because they just don’t do things the way other companies do. The rest of the business world might want to pay attention.”

–Adam Lashinsky

What is it that has made Apple so successful? What are the values that made it so special? How can you learn from the company’s journey? Adam Lashinsky, Fortune Magazine’s Senior Editor-at-large and Horace Dediu, Founder, Asymco,com joined us to present their observations.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Best Practice in Mobile App Development and Marketing ” ]

Following the BeMyApp hack weekend we hosted in November 2011, a number of those that took part suggested we run a preparatory event to help future participants make the most of their time over the next such weekend we host.

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion][accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” Behind the Scenes with VCs & Venture Backed Startups ” ]

The decision of taking your startup from early-stage to venture-backed will change the dynamics of pretty much everything in your company. How do you decide when you’re ready to seek investment? How do you make the most of your time with prospective investors? What can you start preparing for the transition? How can you work most effectively with the new board members joining your startup? When is the time to start thinking about an exit?

[button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]Read More[/button][/panel] [/accordion]