Samsung’s New Galaxy S III Combines LTE And Quad-Core Processor

Original post by CHRIS VELAZCO via TC There’s an argument to be made that Samsung’s Galaxy S III is the best Android phone on the market today, but that doesn’t mean that its formula can’t be improved upon. Case in point: now the Galaxy S III has wormed its way around the globe, Samsung is preparing to launch a […]

How To Market Your Startup With a Limited Budget

How To Market Your Startup With a Limited Budget

Original post by JESSE BOUMAN via demeterinteractive In the movie Field of Dreams, Ray (Kevin Costner) walks through his cornfields and hears a whisper, telling him “If you build it, he will come.” This one, memorable line sums up the attitude of many developers (that I’ve encountered). If they build something, people will come and use it. But was […]

Samba’s advert-supported 3G data service launches in UK

Original post by BBC A service offering an advertising-supported 3G data service for mobile computers has launched in the UK. Subscribers to Samba must first purchase a sim card – and optional dongle – and then watch video adverts to build up their credit. It describes itself as being the “UK’s first free broadband service […]