Online Job Interviews – Software/Application/Web Developer


These days, more and more businesses are conducting video interviews with potential employees.

If you’re hiring Developers we can help you save a lot of time and you can conduct online job interviews.


  • Lower costs
  • Saving time
  • Screening remote candidates
  • Assess communication skills
  • Clarify resume details and get to know candidates
  • Less pressure

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Job Seekers (FREE) As part of the invitation, you should receive a URL where you will need to login to participate in the interview. Register for the event at


Coronavirus is spurring remote hiring. Job interviews go online as candidates stuck at home. Recruiters and hiring managers switch from face-to-face meetings to online interviews using Online Job Interviews, a way to evaluate candidates remotely.


  • The client approves the date & time of the event & interview time slots
  • We organize the event on TechMeetups Zoom platform
  • We Create and Promote on Social media a banner with your logo & website
  • We Create and Promote on Social media a Poster with your logo, jobs, website & company short description
  • We’ll provide you with a job pack active 1 year with 25 jobs on
  • We create your company brand story on
  • A 10 minutes presentation/pitch of your company, job openings, hiring process, and tips for getting a job
  • We’ll help you plan & schedule the online job interviews
  • You’ll get the list of attendees

If you’re hiring Developers we can help you save a lot of time and you can conduct online job interviews. is a Global cluster existing 9 years, with 22 interconnected communities, 75 organized job fairs, 1100+ hiring companies and 65,000+ job seekers.

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