Recruit Tech Talent: Online Interview Day


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Benefits included:

  • An Online Interview Day with Tech Talent via chat audio/video
  • Package of 5 job ads on
  • A Jobs Poster Shared on social media
  • Featured on Homepage/Listings
  • Featured on Category
  • Included/hyperlinked jobs in the Newsletter
  • Your logo and jobs on social media is a Global cluster of 22 interconnected communities with 65,000+ startups, students and graduates, professionals, coders, salespeople, financiers, marketers & developers across the world. 9 years | 22 cities | 75 job fairs | 1100+ hiring companies | 65 000+ job seekers


Hiring managers and recruiters source Tech Talent at Online Interview Day, an interview conducted through an online chat audio/video platform.

The employer  Sets a “date & time” when the interview should start. Several job candidates being interviewed by one interviewer. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us, If you have any questions at

Recruit Developers:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Fullstack
  • Mobile

Recruit  and build a Marketing Team
Recruit and build a Sales Team

A simple and effective way to interview candidates for employment: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich, Dublin, Bern, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, New York.


Job Seekers (FREE)  As part of the invitation, you should receive a URL where you will need to login to participate in the interview. Register for the event at