Is NYC Beating DC in Tech?

Is NYC Beating DC in Tech?

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Just five years ago, when I was looking to build a tech company with venture capital in New
York, finding early stage or seed capital was a daunting prospect. NY just wasn’t an easy place to start a tech company. But last night, hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs, and funders stood side by side as Mayor Michael Bloomberg handed out awards to this years BigApps3.0 winners. Wow, have times changes.

Today the New York tech scene is exploding. It’s alive with talent, innovation, passion, and capital.

How did that happen? And what can Washington learn from New York’s tech renaissance that could help fuel and expand the fledgling economic recovery that now seems to be blooming?

There are some factors in the emerging state of the web that makes New York a hotbed of innovation. The growth of the web underpinnings required brilliant engineers and heavy iron infrastructure. Today, much of the plug and play infrastructure of the web exists. Entrepreneurs can spin up servers with Amazon S3, and have much of the technology needed available without even swiping a credit card.


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